Some ‘Blogkeeping’ Details

I have set up this blog for the occasional essay on matters that actively concern me. I have had other blogs and do not wish to be caught up in the “tyranny of the blog” that forces so many bloggers to write when they have little or nothing to say. The feeling that one must have something up every day or almost every day is powerful with bloggers, but I have no advertisers to satisfy. I just want a place to express some personal thoughts and store a few memories of the past in the form of articles I have published over the last decade. When I write, it will be because I have something I want to say that I think is worthy of being posted. If you like what I have to offer in weeks to come, your best bet is probably to subscribe to the RSS feed. I do appreciate your interest and your comments (thanks to Stephen for his insight on my first post!). In any case, thanks for visiting!

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