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Egypt – The US Swims with Alligators

It was in 2004 and I was having lunch with Tom Donlan, my editor at Barron’s. Each time I have written for Barron’s, Tom has been the man who edited by work. It was Tom who had taken my opinion … Continue reading

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The Silent Trend that is Changing the World

Throughout human history, people have moved from their home nation to another for a whole list of reasons, usually in search of money whether they were poor and unemployed or rich and looking for an investment opportunity. You might say … Continue reading

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More than Good Mines…Good Minds

I want to take just a moment to thank those at Twitter who have tweeted and retweeted some of my posts leading to several thousand visitors to the blog. That came as a completely unexpected surprise. I appreciate the references … Continue reading

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A Real Honker?

In an earlier post here, I discussed the importance of a single word to a particular period in US history. I spoke of “racism” as the word half a century ago and of “debt” as this period’s key word. But … Continue reading

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What Barack Obama could learn from Ike

I am old enough to remember President Dwight D. Eisenhower, the man we all called “Ike”. He came to public attention in December of 1943 when President Roosevelt named him Supreme Allied Commander in Europe. He led the Allies at … Continue reading

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George Friedman on the Next Decade

I wrote a full essay for posting here yesterday, read it again and again, and then threw it out, despite the hours spent preparing it. It just was not what I want for this blog. This morning, I took a … Continue reading

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Let’s Suck It Up and Get On With It

It was shocking to many. Then it was engrossing. Then it was sad. Now it borders on the pathetic. I am referring to the credibility of Americans as they confront the consequences of their financial irresponsibility, accomplished on a scale … Continue reading

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