Hans Rosling

I want to share a video made by one of my favorite people, Hans Rosling. It is an excellent example of the foundation of analysis and why it is so different from opinion. Analysis requires facts or it is not analysis. Opinion does not.

Global analysis is the most demanding. It is not just the number of variables involved. It is the ignorance of most of us, most of the time, of the global reality.

Even if you have never heard of Hans Rosling of Sweden, a professor of global health and statistician, he is famous to the millions who have seen his videos over the years. This video does a brilliant job of explaining why our opinions of reality often differ from the facts of reality.

The same thing happens on a national basis here in Panama where I live, but also in the US, Canada, Europe and every nation on earth. I face this challenge constantly when talking to people about Panama. As I often say, there are too many opinions and too few facts. So I have done what I can at my non-profit websites to help people understand the difference.

But Hans and his son, Ola, do a wonderful job of it for the planet as a whole. I think that viewing this video is a fun way of introducing the changing global reality and a tool to help us deal with our ignorance.

As for my next commentary, that should be ready in a day or two.


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