A Question

I just sent this as an email to friends. A simple, complex question.

As you all probably know, North Korea is thought to be behind the attack on Sony Entertainment due to a movie that mocks Kim and his fascist state. The attack is truly monumental and unprecedented in its sophistication and damage done. This has raised the issue of at what point does such an act constitute an act of war (the North Koreans already refer to the movie as act of war).

Now, as you may have heard, the same group responsible for the attack has issued a warning of retaliation aimed at the opening of the film in New York this Thursday evening, along with a not-so-subtle reminder of 9/11. Although they have come through on their prior threats to release information (including their “Christmas gift” just released today), this hopefully is bluster.

But let’s stop for a moment and ask ourselves if, in the event of some incident that takes lives and given the evidence (both known publicly and known to the government privately) that North Korea is behind this affair, how should the President respond?

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