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Time to get out of The Box

Most people call it futurism.  I call it “futures analysis”, the plural indicating that there are many different possible futures.  Whatever you call it, we all do it in one form or another.  Do I get married?  Should we have … Continue reading

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You can’t build a successful community without a middle class

First it was Thomas Piketty with his call for a global wealth tax. Now it’s Oxfam with a 7-point program that is as unlikely to be adopted as Piketty’s global tax. A socialist approach (it would have to be government-mandated … Continue reading

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Beyond the Glitter – Living and Working Overseas

We all have seen them. Stories, typically of young people, out to travel around the world on only a few dollars. Stories about couples who set up a bed and breakfast in Thailand or another exotic location. Stories about a … Continue reading

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