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From Caste to Class to Channel

My last two posts have focused on social class, the death of the American upper class and the collapse of the middle class.  I think the “class” approach to defining society is in decline and will eventually be abandoned. This … Continue reading

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The Collapse of the Middle Class

In my last post, I spoke of the dying American upper class.  It is being replaced by a global upper class. As readers discovered, it is not the word “upper” that is no longer useful; it is the word “American”.  The … Continue reading

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The Death of the American Upper Class

The American upper class is rapidly disappearing and in a generation will probably be too small to concern us anyway or have died out. How can this be true? It’s obvious from all the income and wealth figures that we … Continue reading

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Waves of the Future – Ripples of the Past

My post last week on the Third Iraq War, resulting from Stratfor’s report based on anonymous Defense Department sources, was followed by the DOD discussing the initial preparations in a little more detail. It’s a start, but hardly enough. At … Continue reading

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