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This is a special post with a link to something that pulls together much of what is being said about the future and technology with a non-judgmental, balanced perspective. It also comes from Stratfor, a global analytical firm that is widely respected and to which I have referred before. This commentary is not yet available to the general public, but it is available to subscribers and I will link you that the web version of that newsletter issue. I have known the people at Stratfor well over a decade and I think they won’t mind if I share this with my followers here at Future Brief. So, here it is. If you are interested in Stratfor’s analyses and newsletter, you can visit their website here.

As I mentioned in my last post, I am preparing a commentary on the emerging global upper class that I have discussed before. It includes some directly relevant statistics and a new way of looking at this class. It has been delayed as I get clarification on some of the statistics. That is being taken care of, so I hope to have it ready soon.


This is a personal blog, more of a personal notebook, unadvertised and without promotion. I try to post on a weekly basis. Should you stumble across it and wish to be notified of new posts, just enter your email address at the upper-right of this page. I have no other use for email addresses. Rest assured, yours will be kept private. I also now tweet to share articles and essays that I think are important, but do not have room for here. You are welcome to make comments, if they are on topic and polite. I have no time or space for insults, foul language, or anything I judge to be offensive to readers.

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