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George Friedman on: The Crisis of the Well-Crafted Candidate

Those who read this blog probably know that I respect George Friedman and his global analytical firm, Stratfor. Today, he did something he normally refuses to do. He discussed the current US Presidential nomination process. In addition, he has given … Continue reading

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Stratfor comes to grips with the 21st century

Stratfor took me by surprise this morning and I am very pleased. Stratfor, known in its early days as Strategic Forecasting, is a widely-read and influential private firm providing analysis of political, social, and economic changes and trends on a … Continue reading

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The Isolation of the Internet

In the late nineties when so many of us were new to the Internet, it was like a gold mine. We could go out and search for little nuggets here and there, then pass them along to friends. There were … Continue reading

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