Genetic Engineering and CRISPR

One of the issues I have dealt with in past posts and remains one of the most important trends that have my attention is genetic engineering. I have found it difficult to provide people who do not follow this trend with a general background of what is involved that is not too technical to understand, too argumentative that it leads to a purely emotional response, or just so “over-simplified” that it offers too little to bother watching. Today, I saw one that I think provides an overview without being too technical, too emotional, or too simplistic, but provides enough information to allow for discussion. It was produced by the BBC’s current affairs television program, Panorama, and I have embedded it below for anyone who is interested.

At this moment, I am buried in other work, so I am not yet ready to post. What I expect to post is also being written for publication elsewhere. When that’s done, I will share it here too. My goal is early next week…knock on wood.

The only other thing I will add today is that, in a couple years, this video will be too far out-of-date to be useful, but that will be then and this is now.

Panorama on CRISPR from Paper Cow on Vimeo.


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2 Responses to Genetic Engineering and CRISPR

  1. Bill Dorgan says:

    Understandable. I’m going to watch this on my desk computer for a better look. Thanks.

    • Bob Adams says:

      Yes, this kind of video is not really meant for a smartphone. For me, it’s not just a question of the size of the screen, it’s being able to look, listen, and focus my thoughts at the same time. Probably my age showing!

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