George Friedman’s shocker

This is not just unprecedented, it is simply shocking. If you don’t know who George Friedman is, you can google him. He founded Stratfor, then left when it grew larger than he liked and founded Geopolitical Futures. He is perhaps the most widely-read geopolitical analyst and he had always done one thing in his twenty years of public analysis – he has stayed strictly out of partisan American politics. This morning, that changed. I will simply direct you to this morning’s email to subscribers which is also freely available at his website.

I am not surprised by his general analysis and whether his specific prediction turns out to be right or not, we will know soon enough. But this is causing waves as I write. He is simply too well-known and too well-respected to be ignored.

So here is his latest comentary, WTF?.


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2 Responses to George Friedman’s shocker

  1. billdorgan says:

    WTF = Well That’s Fine!!

    Sent from Bill’s iPhone 7


  2. says:

    Sent from my iPad. Yes, the forest was better. I loathe Hillary so prefer to believe that somehow trump would pull up a good response, an appropriate one. I wonder what Comey has going? M


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