I have worked in more than 40, probably 50 (who counts anymore?), nations as a consultant to UN agencies, the US foreign aid program, and various non-profit humanitarian agencies, and for-profit businesses. I have lived in several for extended periods. I am an analyst. It is not only my profession, it is in my blood. My focus is on the future.

I have been published in Barron’s, the Christian Science Monitor, Minyanville, the Asia Times Online, Business Insider, International Man, and others. I have been interviewed on CNBC, Reuters television, Australian television, French public radio, and several US radio stations. I have been interviewed by journalists from the New York Times, Associated Press, USA Today, US News & World Report, the BBC, Singapore’s Straits Times, Fox Business News and a host of others. I have run blogs in the past, but never one that was strictly personal. This is that one.

I am President and CEO of two companies. But this is a personal blog, so I will leave it at that.

I am 69 years old, live in Panama City, Panama very happily, and am in training as a curmudgeon. I like rum.


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  1. Mark Hidden says:

    I was looking to find out what Happened to Jeff Harrow, I can’t believe he would not be online if he was still with us. I figure you could fill me in, but I also wanted to do something as a google live hangout about his work, in the near future, and maybe put a pin in it. I am doing a live google hangout tomorrow with my brother about VR you can check in tomorrow or after the fact. Here https://youtu.be/mVC0g6bTd4Y

    This will give you an idea of the kind of conversation I would like to have with you, if your interested.

    Thanks for your

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