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A Few Words in Defense of Populism and Globalism

I am so tired of the endless, witless, selfish hate-mongering that disguises itself as political debate in what once called itself the First World. You know the nations I’m talking about, the ones burdened with mountains of debt, confused leaders … Continue reading

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Russia, the US, Putin, Trump, and Obama

This is potentially an explosive period in US political history with global implications. And we now face a critical moment. What I will share today is disturbing, but real. I think George Friedman at Geopolitical Futures provides a very frank, … Continue reading

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George Friedman’s shocker

This is not just unprecedented, it is simply shocking. If you don’t know who George Friedman is, you can google him. He founded Stratfor, then left when it grew larger than he liked and founded Geopolitical Futures. He is perhaps … Continue reading

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George Friedman on The First Presidential Debate

George Friedman, founder and CEO of Stratfor for two decades and now CEO of a new global analytical firm, Geopolitical Futures, wrote subscribers today with his reaction to last night’s US Presidential debate. He does it so well that I … Continue reading

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We need a new act in the American political circus

I give up. I have been trying to avoid the quadrennial American political circus that, this year, is especially disturbing. I have taken an essay I published here two years ago and updated the statistics, some of the text, and … Continue reading

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The End of the Beginning (2)

After sending yesterday’s message to my friend, she responded and some more up-dating was required. So this was my response to her response. — The first step is to understand that each of us is programmed at conception. Each of … Continue reading

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As we come to the End of the Beginning

Are human beings organic machines operated by organic computers that are programmed at the point of conception? How does this limit our “free will”? Do we have any free will now? These are genuine “existential” questions, those that go directly … Continue reading

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Terrorism in the Age of the Market State

I wanted to take a moment to share this with you today. The following comes from Stratfor, the influential subscription service that covers geopolitics in all its many forms. Normally behind a “pay wall”, I have permission to republish, so … Continue reading

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Genetic Engineering and CRISPR

One of the issues I have dealt with in past posts and remains one of the most important trends that have my attention is genetic engineering. I have found it difficult to provide people who do not follow this trend … Continue reading

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Mediocrity reigns

Mediocre means neither good nor bad, but at best, barely adequate. Mediocre political leadership today means it is not as good as it should be, not as bad as it could be, but given today’s world, not even barely adequate. … Continue reading

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