From the Past

These are a few of the articles I have had published in past years. I will add to them as time allows. They are here primarily as a means of gathering together some of those that I may want to re-read in coming years. When finished, I expect 10-12 entries.

The first, from 2000, Is that Man Over there with the Gun Aiming at You? – The Social Consequences of Global Investing was prepared for an investment conference sponsored by the London Stock Exchange.

Titled Two wet dreams and a nightmare, this was published at the Asia Times Online in 2002.

Titled Looking forward with more than fear, this was also published at Asia Times Online shortly after the one above.

To write for Barron’s is an honor, to be the guest editor is an even greater honor. In June of 2004, I had that honor when I wrote Talking the Talk – Communication is the real failure in Iraq

This article from September of 2007 for Barron’s focused on original proprietary research of my US firm as we took a look at the American people’s attitudes toward relocating to other nations. A New Life in Panama? may not have been the most apt title, but it served the purpose.

The Barron’s article above led to my interview with Erin Burnett on CNBC’s Street Signs.

Another Barron’s article in 2009 discussed retirement and its challenges, but in “stronger” language than I normally use when writing. However, I did want people to read it and give it thought, even if they disagreed, as I consider Next, the Retirement Bubble a very serious issue affecting tens of millions, North Americans and European particularly.

In March of 2008, I jumped into the “coupling/decoupling” debate that was quite heated at the time. I thought that treating it as an “either/or” situation was ridiculous and said so. The result was published at as Global Decoupling Underway.

Nearly three years later in 2011, I revisited the decoupling topic in a follow-up essay at Minyanville, titled A Look Back on the Decoupling Debate. As far as I am concerned the time that had passed had borne out my earlier comments.

Also in 2011, I published a follow-up to my 2007 Barron’s commentary on American emigration, titled The Great Escape, re-emphasizing the growing number of young adults giving serious consideration or actually planning to relocate outside the US, as well as growing numbers among older age groups.


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